Double whammy: California courts knock back DCA and Trump

Thursday, 9th February was an interesting day in court in California.

The Appeals Court for the Ninth Circuit DENIED President Trump’s appeal to lift the temporary restraining order suspending his ban on the nationals of seven, majority Muslim, nations.

In domain industry news, the Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles DENIED DotConnectAfrica’s renewed application for a temporary restraining order against ICANN proceeding with the remaining technical and administrative steps towards the delegation of the .AFRICA top-level domain to ZACR.

This means there’s nothing stopping .AFRICA from appearing in the root zone any time soon.

Believe it or not, DCA still have an active court case against ICANN over .AFRICA but the landscape is now changed considerably, and it’s now much less likely we will see an upset.

You can download the full judgment at

That other judgment may be found at

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